Saturday, January 12, 2013

One for Joy and joy for all!

Just before Christmas, we were eating at an IHOP with an angel tree in the entry way.  You know the ones that give you ideas for presents to buy for kids in need?  The boys are really intrigued by those and so they looked it over for quite some time.  They weeded out the older kids, all the girls, and anyone else they didn't think they could relate to, before running to our table to announce that they'd found a "reasonable 4-year-old boy" who only wished for something Thomas or LeapFrog.  I giggled at their selection process and loved them even more for their great big Christmas hearts.  When I happened to flip the angel-shaped card over, we read the words "foster care" and I saw Donovan's face fall.  He said, "this boy is wishing for more than toys this Christmas.  He's wishing for a forever family.  I really hope he gets one."  We've thought about those kids quite a bit since then.

We've had opportunities to talk about foster care and what it means and while I'm not sure every family is meant to take direct part in the system, I think we all feel a tug and a desire to help these kids somehow.  May I show you just such a way?

In my interneting, I've linked from blog to blog and made a new friend in Joy, at Small Town Joy.  She is just that.  A joy.  And she and her family are working really hard to make sure their daughter, who came to them through foster care, gets all nestled in with her forever family, snug as a bug.  It is the road less traveled, that's for sure, and turns out it's an expensive one, too.  So her friends are pitching in with a fundraiser.  It's a good way for us to store up treasures, I think, and I can tell you that 100% of the proceeds go directly to placing a darling little girl right where she belongs.

They were all hoping for each of us to donate $1, but I'm thinking a few more couldn't hurt.  There is also an awesome giveaway if you'll share this opportunity.  Unfortunately I'm a little late in posting, so it ends this Sunday night, but I think we can all agree this is a win either way.  You can read more about Joy's story here and click to donate on the paypal link on the right side of her blog.  And you can read more about the giveaway here.  The rules seem pretty easy, you share; you might win.  Actually, though, you share; we all win.  Especially Joy, Pie, and company.

one for one

I know I've been a blog slacker here.  And I've got a lot of catching up to do!  We're only 12 days into this year, and I've already got a lot of reviewing to do.  I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend and I can't wait to hear Joy's great news!


varvell said...

wow now that's a real challenge!!!!!!!

momvarvell said...

loved the blog and the fact that the boys are interested in foster care kids. I hope everyone pitches in and helps this family

Joy Kinard said...

Thank you for posting! Your sweet words made me cry! :)


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